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GameSir Engine

Worry about account safety? Want to play popular games more smoothly? GameSir Engine offers downloading on popular games for gamers to play safely without account risks.

  • GameSir Engine is a brand new web app that integrates Happy Chick with GameSir World with various most popular mobile games to download.
  • Hassle-free: scan, download and play, tailored for iOS users.
  • Safe resource: no verification or harm on your phone, lower risk.


Video tutorial:


1. Scan the QR Code on your user manual, page below will be shown.

2. Click "Allow" in the pop-up window.

3. Click "Install".

4. Attention: the QR Code is only valid for 2 devices at most.

5. Choose the game you like and enjoy the fun!

> Unfold limited fun with GameSir gamepads!