GameSir G-Core

GameSir G-Core is a brand-new hardware configuration tool that equips with configurable layouts, Macro edit and customizable device lightning. It upgrades your gaming experience to an unprecedently proficient level with GameSir device.
* Please update Z1/GK100 via the update tool before installing G-core.

Equipped with the dynamic RGB lighting buttons with a spectrum of 16.8 million colors, GameSir G-Core enables light customization on every button. With 6 color layout files preset, it is easy to set up RGB lightning and save your customization RGB layout. The game character's movements are shown with vivid color.

Macro edit
GameSir G-Core's Macro edit function enables you to create complicated button actions that can precisely hit with simple hand control. It handles mouse control and action command easily and efficiently.

Multiple layouts preset

GameSir G-Core presets 3 independent configurable layouts. With the assist of them, RGB lightning and Macro edit mode are easily switched in different games, the number of configurable buttons on the device also gets multiplied.


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