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GameSir T4k App

Fully customize your gaming experience via the GameSir T4k App software. Map buttons, tweak D-pad diagonal, adjust sticks & triggers zone, configure vibration, fine-tune light effects, etc. Experience the special motion aim/steer feature for all games.

Update Log: GameSir T4k App has been upgraded to Version 0.2.0 on September 15, 2023. Available for download on the official website and Microsoft Store.

Microsoft Store Download Link

1. Added calibration feature to the test page.
2. Added the ability to open the calibration popup through controller actions on the test page.
3. Optimized App page transition effects.
4. Adjusted the logic for App setting light speed.
5. Fixed the issue of misaligned motion icons.
6. Attempted to resolve the problem of App recognition on certain computers.
7. Disabled title dragging when App is maximized to prevent window misalignment.
8. Fixed other known issues.

Remap Buttons

Adjust Sticks' Zone

Fine-tune Triggers' Range

Configure Vibrations

Set Lights

Motion Control

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