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(Version 4.0.9, update on 29th Sept.)
(Version 4.3.1, update on 28th Oct.)

Update log (Android): GameSir App for Android has been updated to Version 4.3.2 on Jan 17th, 2023. Click  to download. Google Play version will come later.

For users of VX series products (VX/VX2 AimSwitch, VX/VX2 AimBox), please use GameSir App Version 4.2.6.

Download Link: Github Version        

1. Added firmware upgrade for GameSir T4 Pro (Needed T4 Pro Firmware Version: 2.24 or above);
2. Added hair-trigger switches for GameSir X2 Pro-Xbox;
3. Added M1/M2 button mapping function for GameSir X2 Pro-Xbox.
PS: GameSir X2 Pro-Xbox firmware needs to be upgraded to 129.24 for using the updated function.


Mapping Activation Failed?

1. GameSir App from Google play doesn't support support mapping activation.

2. Please click above "Download for Android" to download GameSir App for mapping activation. 

Update log (iOS): GameSir App for iOS has been updated to Version 4.0.9 on Sept 29th, 2022:

1. Supported GameSir T3s controller.
2. Added account cancellation function.

App Installation Failed?

  1. If your phone blocks the installation: Setting > Security > Lockscreen and security > Enable unknown sources
  2. Please enter the Google Play and close the Play Protect.
  3. Please find out and delete the 64bit Plug In.

      (Malware reported by browser?)