GameSir App

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(Version 5.0.2, update on 8th, May, 2024)
(Version 5.0.1, update on 9th, March, 2024)

Update log (Android): 

GameSir App for Android has been updated to Version 5.0.6 on 20th, May, 2024. Click to download the APK for the latest version

1.Add Feedback - My Feedback section to view historical feedback records, feedback details, and reply to customer service.
2.Add Feedback - Upload problem Log feature.
3.Enhance firmware upgrade functionality.
4.Fix the issue of delayed mapping function.
5.Fix other known bugs.

For users of VX series products (VX/VX2 AimSwitch, VX/VX2 AimBox), please use GameSir App Version 4.2.6.

Download Link: Github Version     

1. Auto-save and apply configuration when first connecting the GTouch controller to run games.
2. In GTouch mode, enhanced mapping will disable the simultaneous use of controller and phone touchscreen.
3. Fixed mapping issues and improved accuracy.
4. Optimized button mapping UI.

Mapping Activation Failed?

1. GameSir App from Google play doesn't support support mapping activation.

2. Please click above "Download for Android" to download GameSir App for mapping activation. 

Update log (iOS): 

GameSir App for iOS has been updated to Version 5.0.2 on 8th May, 2024:

1. Support controller: GameSir-Nova.
2. Optimize the motor vibration experience of Cyclone controller and Cyclone Pro controller.

GameSir App for iOS has been updated to Version 5.0.1 on 2nd Feb, 2024:

1. Fix some known issues.

App Installation Failed?

  1. If your phone blocks the installation: Setting > Security > Lockscreen and security > Enable unknown sources
  2. Please enter the Google Play and close the Play Protect.
  3. Please find out and delete the 64bit Plug In.

      (Malware reported by browser?)