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GameSir Sponsored RGC Apex Legends

GameSir, a leading provider of gaming peripherals worldwide, proudly sponsors Re:AcT / リアクト【公式】, an agency primarily dedicated to music and gaming activities, for the RGC Apex Legends with ハナマルキ tournament.

RGC, short for Re:AcT Game Cup, holds a prestigious reputation in Japan. This match is for Apex Legends. During the livestream of the first match, there were over 55,000 views. You can catch the intense competition by clicking here and stay tuned for future tournaments.

In the role as a sponsor, GameSir supplied several popular G7 SE and T4K controllers to bolster the tournament and show appreciation to passionate gamers. The G7 SE, long holding the top spot on Amazon's Best Sellers list, offers exceptional performance, while the T4K boasts customizable RGB lighting effects and a sleek transparent design.

Although the first tournament has concluded, the story of GameSir's sponsorship is far from over, with more exciting events to come.


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