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GameSir Officially Cooperates with Tencent on Mobile Game: Strongest NBA

Cannot make a perfect three-point shot or layup in a basketball game? It is possible once you are a skilled player with adept controls! This game demands that players control accurately to score. However, you might feel fatigue after long-time holding your phone. And the virtual button will always float on the game interface to mask the game itself. But these weaknesses can be perfectly solved now!

Recently, Strongest NBA launched official cooperation with GameSir. By playing the game with a gamepad, players can have a better gaming experience.

  • The gamepad turns the gameplay on all virtual buttons into physical keys, making instant and quick response possible!
  • All physical keys enjoy precise control, so you will catch every effective hit.
  • Gameplay will not be masked by any virtual buttons, thus a clear interface will be shown.

Playing Strongest NBA with GameSir gamepad, you will be the next MVP!


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