How Much Do You Know about Blitz Brigade?

Last week I started to write about respawnables, but today I decided to write about this game.
 This game has similar cartoon look, but far less individual character customization compared to respawnables. This game offers much more, vehicles in the game, with that becomes like Battlefield with a cartoon look.
 In the game, you have tiny 4x4 SUV, tank and a helicopter. - The 4x4 is a fast and agile vehicle and spawns within the spawn area for both teams, but not around Domination Flags. It is equipped with a mountable Machine Gun. It can carry 2 people maximum, but not as passengers. - The Tank is used for front line defense but is very slow. - The Helicopter is one of the three classic starting vehicles introduced to the game, the helicopter has a bad accuracy but moves fast.

Classes are different characters in the game Blitz Brigade. They are designed to have specific advantages in certain situations. Different classes include:
 -Soldier - Sets the standard. Has 750 health, sprints at a brisk pace, and captures flags quicker
 than any other class.

- Gunner - Has extra health, but moves slower.

- Medic (Unlocked at level 5) - Has many weapons capable of healing allies. Can run extremely fast. Stealth (Unlocked at level 20) - Uses weapons that are silent, excluding secondaries. Has the lowest health (without max skills) along with the Sniper. Can turn invisible.

- Sniper (Unlocked at level 30) - Great at long range, but not as adept in close combat. Does not run particularly fast or have a lot of health. Sniper rifles deal great damage.

- Demolisher (Unlocked at Level 40)- All explosive class with high health. He has medium speed and deals high damage. He also has a unique rocket jump ability.
Blitz Brigade offers online entertainment and also a training mod. This game has also very good designed maps. Since I know for this game, it has connection problems and they are very frequent, I don’t understand how they didn’t fix that yet, and for that reason, this game is abandoned, and sometimes you may not have enough number of players with you to play online. Blitz Brigade is just recently got Free for all mod, which didn't have and so it became more interesting and closer to Respawnables.
Here is Free For All gameplay:

And also for all shooter games, I recommend GameSir gamepad, because of its easier to play and makes you a better player. If you didn’t try, I recommend you to play Blitz Brigade.
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