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GameSir VX2/C2 works with the Xbox S/X and PlayStation5

GameSir VX2 and GameSir C2 are very popular GameSir products in the gaming accessories market. GameSir brings good news for GameSir VX2 & GameSir C2 users.   VX2/C2 works on the Xbox S/X and PS5.


When the GameSir VX2/C2 was first launched, it was designed for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch, but it also worked with Windows PC. Now, you can add the Xbox Series X / S & PlayStation 5 to the list of compatible consoles.


We already published some tutorials given below, and we will publish all other tutorials soon.


Notice: The VX/VX2 and C2 can't connect to the PS5 controller directly, but it's available for the PS4 controller on PS5 console. 


How to connect GameSir VX2 with Xbox series X/S

How To Update the VX2 AimSwitch Firmware

How to Update the C2 fightstick Firmware

How to connect GameSir C2 with Xbox series X/S


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