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GameSir T4 Cyclone & T4 Cyclone Pro Is Available Today

Oct 7th, 2023: GameSir officially released the highly anticipated T4 Cyclone and T4 Cyclone Pro controllers, now accessible at all GameSir online stores such as, AliExpress, Amazon, eBay, etc.

This marks a significant milestone for the GameSir brand as it introduces its first-ever wireless controllers equipped with Hall Effect sticks.

The T4 Cyclone and T4 Cyclone Pro redefine gaming freedom. They support platforms such as Windows, Switch, iOS, and Android, breaking free from the constraints of a single platform.Bid farewell to tangled cables and welcome a new era of gaming without boundaries. These controllers deliver precision control like never before, thanks to advanced Hall Effect sensors. Whether you're tilting, shaking, or rotating the controller, the interactive motion control fully immerses you in your favorite Nintendo Switch games.

The T4 Cyclone Pro takes immersion to the next level with its Hyper-realistic Quad motor structure. Inside the controller, two distinct rumble motors generate intense yet nuanced vibrations, while the two motors in the triggers provide precise feedback to your fingertips, enhancing your gaming experience to new heights.

As GameSir Product Manager, Betta Core aptly describes, the creative motto of Cyclone series controllers is "Like the Wind." It aims to provide gamers with the stability they need to navigate the lightning-fast pace of gaming, propelling them into a whole new and elevated gaming realm.

 Embrace the future of gaming with GameSir T4 Cyclone and T4 Cyclone Pro controllers. Order yours today!


Get your T4 Cyclone and T4 Cyclone Pro below.

T4 Cyclone : GameSir.hkGameSir Amazon, GameSir AliExpress, GameSir eBayGameSir Newegg & Authorized Resellers—7th Oct, 2023

T4 Cyclone Pro : GameSir.hkGameSir Amazon, GameSir AliExpress, GameSir eBayGameSir Newegg & Authorized Resellers—7th Oct, 2023

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