Happy Chick Emulator

iPhone users please trust the app before opening it:  Settings > General > Profiles & Device Management > Trust "China Southern Airlines Company Limited" (the company name may vary), and connect the gamepad in the app instead of mobile Bluetooth module.


Happy Chick Emulator is a platform that offers various types of games for players to choose from: trendy games like PUBG and Arena of Valor, retro games like Pokemon, Super Mario Bros and Final Fantasy. It can support both iOS and Android devices, and is also compatible with latest products of GameSir - G5, X1 and Z1.

Up-to-date Games Added

Present popular games such as PUBG and Arena of Valor have been added in Happy Chick Emulator for gamers to enjoy. They are cloud adapted by GameSir to fit with your device. How to test your gamepads?

Support GameSir G5, X1 & Z1

Holding G5, X1 or Z1 on hand and waiting for the latest games? Happy Chick Emulator makes them perfectly compatible. All the games in Happy Chick Emulator are updated frequently so as to catch the latest updates.

Abundant Game Options

Besides up-to-date games, Happy Chick Emulator also integrates other types of games to satisfy your gaming appetite. It has abundant retro games with accessible download resources and no installation needed. Additionally, your own game ROMs can also be added to Happy Chick Emulator with GameSir gamepads supported.

Easy, Convenient to Use

It is SUPER easy to use: free of root, jailbreak or button setting. All in-game buttons are clearly shown on the interface. The gamepad will be automatically searched and connected. Happy Chick Emulator also has the complete support for Cloud saving, which makes it simple to synchronize game data for more than one file and game progress on multiple devices.

Learn how to install a game that supports:

GameSir G5


Want to play Android games?

See more native gamepad supported games at GameSir World App!

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Enhance your gaming experience with Gamesir gamepad?

Why not? GameSir gamepad with 100% adaptability to Happy Chick Emulator always supports your retro gaming. 

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