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GameSir World App

 (Version 4.0.0, 13.79 MB , update on 19 August.)
Update log:
  1. Added support for firmware upgrade;
  2. Added support for joystick calibration;
  3. Added support for VX configuration management;
  4. Added gamepad store;
  5. Optimized the startup process of the game;
  6. Optimized the download process of the game;
  7. Optimized the mapping function;
  8. Fixed known bugs.

App Installed Failed.

  1. If your phone blocks the installation: Setting > Security > Lockscreen and security > Enable unknown sources
  2. Please enter the Google Play and close the Play Protect.
  3. Please find out and delete the 64bit Plug In.

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    GameSir World App catalogs thousands of Android games that natively support gamepads. Listed games are tested by us and authorized GameSir users to make sure that they are perfectly compatible with GameSir gamepads. How to test your gamepads?

    Derived from Google Play, the collected games are authorized official versions. No rooting or jailbreak is needed. All listed games are natively connectable, playable and controllable with the GameSir gamepad via Bluetooth.

    Direct Play by G-Touch™, Unlock the Full Function without any extra tools!

    Whether you are an Android user or an iOS user, you are allowed to play the non-natively-gamepad-supported games with GameSir World app! Simply go to GameSir World app and add any games you want, then launch the game via DIrect play by G-Touch™, you are all set! No need to buy a remapper anymore!


    Gyro Assist

    The moving track of the mouse simulates the gyroscope function in mobile phones to ensure smoother angle transitions. The mini keyboard and the mouse have two independent data and transmission lines to provide dominant speed.


    Customizable button layout

    For MOBA & PUBG games that require multi-button control, GameSir World App equips with corresponding keys on GameSir gamepad. Play the games with GameSir official configuration or you can also customize your own layout.


    Download GameSir Spirit activation tool HERE (For advanced users only)

    (Malware reported by browser?)