FAQ: Questions about X2s Type-C






    1. Which phone models are within the scope of support?

    iPhone 15 series and Android phones with the model Length between 110-168 mm / 4.3-4.6 in.

    2. Does it have a battery?

    No, it’s a wired controller. There is no need for charging as it is just powered directly by your phone.

    3. Dose it support pass-through charging?

    4. What are the special features of the sticks?

    The Hall Effect sticks use non-contact magnetic sensors to ensure they never wear down, and preventing stick drift.

    5. Does it have analog triggers?

    Yes, Hall Effect analog triggers with 100% Response Area and best-in-class consistent smoothness. There’s also a quick switch to hair trigger mode by holding Capture + LT/RT buttons for 2 seconds, perfect for FPS and action games.

    6. What games does it support?

    It supports original Android games, cloud gaming, and game emulators.

    7. Can I switch between Xbox and switch layouts?

    Yes, you can. Hold the Capture + A buttons for 2 seconds. You can also change the layouts via GameSir software.

    8. What can I do at GameSir software?

    Yes, you can download the GameSir World software on your Android phone. The application allows you to adjust the deadzone of sticks and triggers, A/B/X/Y layouts, and analog or hair trigger mode.

    9. What is the difference between X2s Type-C and the X2 Type-C?