FAQ: Questions about Kaleid/Kaleid Flux





    1. What platforms does it support? 

    It supports Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One X|S, Windows 10/11 and Steam.

    2. Is it wired or wireless? 

    Wired, with a 3m detachable USB-C cable. 

    3. Does it have analog triggers? 

    Yes, Hall Effect analog triggers with GameSir precision-tuned tech, with 100% response area and best-in-class. There’s also a quick switch to hair trigger mode by holding M + LT / RT for 2s, perfect for FPS and action games.

    4. Are action buttons microswitches or membrane? 

    There are two versions of Kaleid series controller: Kaleid Flux with membrane buttons and Kaleid with microswitches buttons. You can choose the one you prefer.

    5. How many rumble motors in Kaleid Flux?

    4. 2 in the grips and 2 in the triggers.

    6. What are the special features of the sticks?

    Algorithm-optimized Hall Effect sticks, with 0 Fluctuation, 0 Deviation and 0 Circularity error. You can even easily set 0 Dead,zone and switch between Default and the exclusive “Raw” mode via the GameSir Nexus software. The anti-friction glide rings also provide super-smooth stick control.

    7. What can I set with GameSir Nexus software? 

    You can create 3 controller profiles by mapping buttons, fine-tuning sticks & triggers,  configuring vibration and light effects.

    8. How to control the volume?

    a. Hold the M button + D-pad’s Up / Down to Increase / Decrease the Master Volume. (11 levels in total )

    * There will be a beep when adjusting to the maximum / minimum level.

    b. Hold the M button+ D-pad's Left / Right to increase game volume while decreasing voice chat volume / decrease game volume while increasing voice chat volume.

    * There will be a beep when adjusting to the maximum / middle / minimum level.

    c. Microphone Mute Function: When your headphone / earphone is plugged in, double press the M button, the Microphone Mute Light will become solid red and the Microphone Mute Function is On. Double press again the M button, the Microphone Mute Light will go out and the Microphone Mute Function is Off (Default).

    When the Microphone Mute Function is On, hold the M button to temporarily turn off the Microphone Mute Function, and release the M button to restore Microphone Mute Function to On.

    9. What is the speciality of the light effects?

    In the GameSir Nexus app, a diverse range of custom light effect sets is available for gamers to choose from based on their moods and game types. Additionally, gamers have the option to combine various light effects according to their preferences.

    10. What is the difference between Kaleid Flux and Kaleid?

    The two controllers are from the same series and are very alike despite nuanced variations. The Kaleid Flux is equipped with membrane face buttons, while the Kaleid features microswitch face buttons. Additionally, they have diverse printed circuit board (PCB) trace patterns and different default colors for their RGB light strips.