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Tutorial: How to Use GameSir X2 Type-C G-Touch

Please note: The G-Touch function is not compatible with all games. If you need help with the game support, please contact for more suggestions.

>> Game Configurations

1. Download and install the GameSir App from Google Play.

2. Press the "G+Home" to turn on the GameSir-X2, the GameSir-X2 will enter G-Touch mode.

3. Enter the GameSir App, click on the "Device" page to expand the drop-down menu,

4. Select "GameSir-X2" and click "Connect"


Is it compatible with xx mobile phone ?

The length of the mobile phone is less than 167 mm, and the 2021 version needs to be less than 173 mm. Android phones using Android 10 system can support it without a case.

Does it support iPhone ?

The current version does not support the iPhone, and the Bluetooth version is expected to support the iPhone.

Does it support charging while playing ?

Please be noted that X2 Type-C cannot support pass-through charging on all Type-C phones as Android OS is open source and are always amended by different developers. There are too many phones in the market and we're unable to test all the phones due to limited ability & energy. However, here is a list of mobile phones supported for your reference,

What games does it support ?

There are three main categories of supported games,
Gamepad native support games:
Cloud game platform games: Xbox Cloud Gaming, Google Stadia, Vortx.
G-Touch mode to support games without controller support: Apex Legends, Genshin Impact, Call of Duty: Mobile, PUBG MOBILE, League of Legends: Wild Rift, Arena of Valor, Identity V, NEW STATE Mobile, Brawl Stars, LifeAfter, NARUTO X BORUTO NINJA VOLTAGE, Honkai Impact 3rd, etc.
Video tutorial:

Does key mapping supported ?

Players can map the buttons while playing the game in G-Touch mode.

Does key replacement supported ?

The ABXY layout of the current version of X2 is Switch style and does not support button replacement. But the future Bluetooth version will use the more common Xbox style.

Is there a list of supported games ?

List of native supported mobile phone games:
For the list of cloud game support, please see the game introduction of the corresponding cloud game platform.
The G-Touch game mode theoretically supports any game, but the configuration needs to be adjusted according to the player's personal needs.

Why can't I connect to my phone ?

Please confirm whether the OTG function is enabled on the phone.

How to update firmware ?

Currently, The Google Version of GameSIr World does not support firmware updates for X2. Please use the official channel to upgrade it.

How to play CODM on Android with GameSir X2 ?

Please follow this tutorial to play CODM on Android with GameSir X2: