Wireless Activation Tutorial


1. If there is no wireless debugging function in developer options, wireless mapping activation is not supported.

2. Harmony OS and Android 10 or below phones do not support wireless activation.

3. Applicable to GameSir controllers that cannot be used with the touchscreen simultaneously, such as G6, X2 and X3.

4. Applicable to GameSir controllers that require mapping activation, such as T4 pro, T3 and T3s.

Step 1: Enable Show notifications of GameSir App

Go to your phone’s App notifications, locate GameSir App and enable notifications of GameSir App.

Notes: MIUI users may need to go to Settings > Notifications & Control center > Notification shade, then switch to Android notification style. Otherwise, you may not be able to enter the pairing code in the notification bar.

Step 2: Enable Developer options & USB debugging

Go to your phone’s Settings > About phone, then continuously tap [Bulid number] for 7 to 8 times until it’s shown “Developer mode has been turned on” on your screen.

Notes: Enabling method may vary on different phones. Please refer to the methods of respective phones.

Step 3: Enable wireless debugging

1. Open GameSir App and select Wireless activation.

2. Go to your phone’s Settings > Other settings > Developer options > Wireless debugging.

3. Enter the "Wireless debugging" interface, tap [Pair device with pairing code] and you will see a 6-digit pairing code.

4. Remember the pairing code. Please just keep the pairing code interface in the foreground and do not perform any return or App switch operations.

5. Pull down the notification bar of your phone, enter the 6-digit pairing code and tap the right button. After a while, GameSir App will start activation automatically.

6. Go back to GameSir App and you can play when it’s shown activation successful.