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 Tutorial: How to use GameSir Cyclone Pro


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    How to connect GameSir T4 Cyclone Series Controllers 


    0:00-0:14 Connecting to iPhone

    0:14-0:30 Connect to Android devices

    0:30-0:47 Connect to Switch

    0:47-1:02 Connect to PC via dongle / USB receiver


    1.What platforms does it support?


    It supports Switch, Windows 7/10 or above, Android 8.0 or above and iOS 13 or above devices.


    2.Is it wired or wireless?


    Wireless with tri-mode connectivity—Bluetooth, Wireless Dongle, and USB-C.


    3.Does it haveHall Effect sensing sticks?


    Yes, GameSir™ Hall Effect sensing sticks with specially optimized algorithms.


    4.Does it have analog triggers?


    Yes, Hall Effect analog triggers with GameSir precision-tuned tech. There’s also a quick switch to hair trigger mode by holding M+LT/RT for 2s, perfect for FPS and action games.


    5.How many rumble motors in the T4 Cyclone Pro?


    4, 2 in the grips and 2 behind the triggers.


    6.What can I set with GameSir App software?


    You can map buttons, tweak D-pad diagonal, fine-tune sticks & triggers, configure vibration, etc.


    7.Can the back buttons be programmed to multiple buttons?

    Can be programmed to A/B/X/Y/LB/RB/LT/RT/LS/RS/View/Menu/Home/D-pad/Left Stick/Right Stick

    1. Set the L4/R4 buttonvalue: Hold the M+L4/R4buttons simultaneously until the Home button blinks white slowly. Press the button(s) you want to program to L4/R4 (single/multi-button supported), then press the L4/R4 button. When the Home button returns to the mode color, the L4/R4 button value is set.

    *For multi-button, the interval time of each button will be triggered according to the operation time when programming.

    1. Cancel the L4/R4 buttonvalue: Hold the M+L4/R4 buttons simultaneously until the Home button blinks white slowly, then press the L4/R4 button. When the Home button returns to the mode color, the L4/R4 button value is canceled.

    *After 10s of inactivity when setting, the controller will automatically exit the setting mode and the button value will remain the same.


    8.Does T4 Cyclone Pro support 3.5mm headphones or earphones?




    9.Whats the difference between T4 Cyclone and T4 Cyclone Pro?