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Tutorial: How to Use GameSir F7 Claw

  • FAQ
  • Power on and off

    • Power on: flip the power switch to the upside
    • Shut down: flip the power switch to the downside


      Step 1:

      Install F7 on the tablet (take the left Gamepad as an example)

      1. Press the contact clip to open it;
      2. Place the Tab in your suitable position and press the Tab so that the suction cup is tightly combined with the bottom of the Tab (Attach the anti-drop sticker on the F7 suction cup on the back of the tablet to make the F7 bind to the tablet more firmly);
      3. Release the contact clip slowly and ensure that the two black contacts on the contact clip are tightly in contact with the tablet screen; 

      Step 2:

      Enter the game's custom Settings, move the shoot, aim or jump virtual buttons to the contact position, remove the overlapping virtual buttons, make sure that the contact position corresponds to only 1 virtual button and save the settings.

      Step 3:

      After setting, turn off the screen and turn it on again to play the game.

      Turbo mode

      The "Turbo" buttons on the back of the left and right gamepad control the burst frequency of the L1 and R1 buttons respectively.

      By pressing the "Turbo" button, it can cycle through the 5 gears shown on the table, and the indicator light will change accordingly in different gears.

      Indicator status

      Function Description

      No lighting

      No Turbo


      3 shots


      6 shots


      9 shots

      Flashing green

      Recording Turbo

      How to setup Turbos

      Long press the corresponding combo button for 3 seconds to enter setup mode, and the indicator light flashes in red.

      Press "L1" or "R1" to start setup. After the setup is completed, press the combo button again, and the red light will go out, indicating setup successful

      Long press the "L1" or "R1" button to trigger the setup cycle.


      Use the supplied charging cable to connect to the F7 charging port and 5V power adapter (not included)

      Battery indicator

      Indicator Status


      Red flashing


      Red flashing fast

      Less than 10% power

      Steady green

      Charging completed

      Screen out correction

      During use, if the buttons are not responding/breaking/failure, etc., try to turn off the phone screen and turn it back on to recover.

      Turbo key function

      Turn on: Press and hold the Turbo + L2 or R2 button for 3 seconds at the same time, the green indicator light flashes 3 times;

      Turn off: press and hold the Turbo + L2 or R2 key for 3 seconds at the same time, the red-light flashes 3 times;

      Note: When the gamepad is restarted, the L2/R2 function is enabled by default.



      Q1. Why should we choose a plug and play controller instead of bluetooth one?

      Ans: GameSir F7 is specially made for on-screen control games, If you want to play those games on Bluetooth controllers then you have the hassle of installing other apps for key mapping. But if you use GameSir F7 then you don't have to face these troubles. You can start playing directly.

      Q2. Is it compatible with all tablets on the market both iOS and Android? Only tablets or tablet PCs, mobile phones, too?

      Ans:  It’s compatible with all Tablets in the market in a thickness range of 6mm to 12mm. Smartphones will be too small for it.

      Q3. Is it compatible with all sizes of tablets, or are there any limits?Ans:  It’s compatible with all Tablets in the market in a thickness range of 6mm to 12mm.

      Q4. Is there a specific game genre which would be more suitable to use with the F7?

      Ans: It will be suitable for all on screen control FPS & TPS games