Solve the disconnecting problem for Kaleid & Kaleid Flux





    While using the Kaleid or Kaleid Flux controller, some gamers have reported a disconnecting problem. We apologize for causing an unpleasant gaming experience. The problem can be easily solved through a firmware update. Here is the tutorial.

    Step 1: Download the corresponding firmware upgrade program.

    Download Firmware Upgrade Program for Kaleid.

    Download Firmware Upgrade Program for Kaleid Flux.

    P.S.: Although the firmwarre upgrade zip files are different, the process is the same.

    Step 2: Upgrade the controller firmware. (Take Kaleid as an example)

    a. Unzip the “Controller Firmware Upgrade program”, then double-click it.

    b. Simultaneously press and hold the Xbox + Menu buttons without releasing, then use the Type-C cable to connect the controller to the computer.

    *The controller will remain powered off.

    c. Click “Download” to upgrade.

    d. The progress bar showing “Upgrade SUCCESS” indicates that the upgrade is completed. 

    e. After completing the upgrade procedure, please replug the controller.

    P.S.: The firmware upgrade program also enables the corresponding controller to be toggled to a 1000Hz polling rate. Click here for more information about activating the 1000Hz polling rate upgrade tutorial.