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iOS G-Touch Tutorial

Click the button below to download the G-Crux.
Supported devices: G6
Support System: iOS9 - iOS12
(Other GameSir accessories and mobile phones will be supported in future, so stay tuned)

1. Press the Y + Home to turn on the G6 and enter the iOS mode, the device will be ready to connect.

2. Turn on the Bluetooth, find the name of the controller, select and connect

3. Add a game, Set the keys

(1) Open "G-CRUX" > Select "My Key" > Add Game Configuration (you can choose to edit the Default configuration directly)

(2) Set the keys: click on the game configuration that has been added, then set the keys.

4. After adding/modifying the key, click “ Save to peripheral” to apply the config.

5. Start G-Touch direct connection

Close the app and open the game directly from the desktop. To change the game configuration or replace the game, repeat the above steps.