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In order to thank the gamers who support GameSir, we will choose 1 from every 100 emails who will then receive a GameSir i3 gaming case for FREE. Go on, you may be the lucky one!

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 World's First Bluetooth and Gaming iPhone Case with 2 Triggers

What makes GameSir i3 stand out?

Embrace Dual Side Triggers

Engineered for iPhone,the ultra-fast response and ultra-low latency side triggers allow your commands to be executed in a blink of eye. Finally, your “stubborn” iPhone enjoys side triggers, and it becomes a decent handheld E-sports console now.

Wave goodbye to drivers or jailbreak

We know you are tired of the complicated procedure of installing drivers or jailbreak. This time, say goodbye to all of them. Just enjoy the sheer gaming pleasure.

 Enjoy Button Configuration

You can customize button mappings with GameSir G-Crux app to according to your taste, such as Turbo Function,  freeing your fingers from exhausting clicks. For you, winning is a piece of cake.

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GameSir i3 is forged by passion and expertiness, with which we start a legendary journey together. 

I have interests in the gadget, email me updates about it.
This link is generated by Tencent, the PUBG publisher, guaranteeing100% security.