Tutorial: How to Use GameSir GM500 Wired Gaming Mouse

  • FAQ
  • Instructions 

    1. How to adjust the DPI?
    Press the DPI adjustment button marked by “F” as below. As you switch, the backlight will flash in the corresponding color.
    Please see the indicator color in the below chart. 
    DPI Indicator Color
    400 Green
    800 Red
    1600 (Default) Blue
    2400 Yellow
    3200 Orange
    6400 Purple
    12000 White
    1. How to adjust the polling rate?
     Press the GM500 Scroll Wheel + DPI Button to switch among the 4 polling rates. As you switch, the backlight will flash as below. 
    Polling Rate Flashing Times
    125Hz White flashing 1 time
    250Hz White flashing 2 times
    500Hz White flashing 3 times
    1000Hz (Default) White flashing 4 times
    1. How to adjust the lighting effects?
     Press the GM500 Mouse Button 5 + DPI Button to switch the 3 types of lighting effects.
    ▪ Seven Colors (Default)
    ▪ Monochrome Permanent
    ▪ Monochrome Breathing
    1. How to adjust the light brightness?
     Press the GM500 Mouse Button 4 + DPI Button to cycle through 3 levels of brightness.
    ▪ High
    ▪ Medium (default)
    ▪ Low


    1. Does it need to install additional drivers?

      No, it doesn’t. Just plug and play. 

    1. Can it be used wirelessly?

       No, it can’t. 

    1. What’s the length of the connection cable?

       It’s 1.6m / 5.25ft.