GameSir F3/F3 Plus Tutorial


    1. The thickness of mobile phones must be below 12mm. We recommend to remove the case before use, especially those whose sides are higher than screens.  
    2. F3 is to simulate fingers touch, which does not change the mechanism of games; if fingers touch can not work, F3 can not work, either. Game icons need dragging to beneath the electrode.
    3. Owing to the touchscreen mechanism, keep a distance from the electrode arms, otherwise the electrode may not work properly.
    4. The electrode arms are supposed to be fixed on which forms 45°with both sides of mobile phones. Keep the electrode arms from being too close to the screen or the edge of film otherwise it may be interfered.
    5. Once the F3 is installed in the mobile phone, place the front side of mobile phone and F3 facing up, otherwise the battery will be consumed all the time because of the mistaken touch. Make sure the screen facing downside and the buttons of the controller facing upside.
    6. In order to get the electrode close enough to the screen, the electrode arms and the controller form the interactive force. Before remove F3, unscrew the knob and push the electrode arms aside.
    7. Drag the button for aiming down the sight and the left-handed shooting button to the bottom left and bottom right respectively(right-handed shooting button may influence recoil-control when aiming down sight). Limit the button size to 110-170 while avoiding their overlapping other virtual buttons.