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Tutorial: How to use GameSir G4 Pro

1. Connecting to Nintendo Switch

  1. Click into Controllers 
  2. Select Change Grip/Order 
  3. Press Y+Home to turn on the G4 pro
  4. G4 pro is connected now


    2. Connecting to Android Phone

    1. Press A+Home to turn on the G4 pro
    2. Turn on the Bluetooth
    3. Search for Gamesir-G4pro_xx and pair
    4. G4 pro is connected now


    3. Connecting to iPhone

    1. Press B+Home to turn on the G4 pro
    2. Turn on the Bluetooth
    3. Search for Xbox Wireless Controller and pairG4 pro is connected now
    4. G4 pro is connected now


    4. Control Phone Volume

    1. Connecting to the device
    2. Press down the S button
    3. Press the up or down of the d-pad to adjust the volume


    Does it support The Android Platform ?

    Can support platforms for apple, Android, Windows PC, NS.
    Gyroscope function is limited to NS platform only.
    Vibration function only supports PC and NS platforms.
    The serial attack function does not support ns platform.

    Does it support a certain type of mobile phone ?

    Android: Within 6.5 inches, Android 9 or above operating system, Android phones without the case is compatible
    IOS: iOS13 or above.

    what games does it support ?

    There are five types of supported Games:
    Native controller supported games:
    Apple Arcade games:
    Cloud gaming platform games:Xbox Cloud Gaming,Google Stadia,Vortx等。
    G-Touch mode for Apple games:
    G-Touch mode for Android games:

    How to connect my Android phone ?

    Watch the video tutorial:

    How to connect to my iPhone ?

    Watch the video tutorial:

    Does it support Mac ?

    Currently, Mac does not support.

    Whether to support game console ?

    Currently the game console only supports Nintendo Switch:

    Why can't I play XX game ?

    For mobile games that do not support gamepad operation on the phone itself, you can use G-Touch mode to play: