GameSir G3/G3s Firmware Upgrade Tutorial

This tutorial is only available with G3/G3s.

Disclaimer: Please exactly follow the procedures to have your gamepad updated. GameSir is not responsible for any gamepad damages caused by private operations.

Note: This upgrade only works with G3/G3s with 2.0(A)/2.0(B) or abovefirmware version.

How to check the firmware version?

1. Connect the controller to PC.

2. Open PC's control panel and locate View Devices and Printers.

3. The controller's firmware information will be shown as below in yellow box.

Video tutorial:

1. Decompress the package on your computer, click

"Update Tool">"update_tools_107", double click "updatetools.exe" (see below).

2. Click "1", choose "Firmwares">"Gamepad">"DN2502U_User.bin".
3. Plug the cable in your computer, hold still L1 on your gamepad, meanwhile, plug the other end of cable to the gamepad.
4. Click "2" to upgrade.
5. When it is done, unplug the cable at the gamepad's end.
6. Hold L1 again and plug the cable into the gamepad.
7. Click "1", choose "gamepad-dn2405u.bin" to upgrade again.
8. The gamepad will reboot when upgrade is done. Unplug the gamepad.
For G3s users:
9. Plug the 2.4G dongle of the gamepad in your computer. Click "1">open "Firmwares">"Dongle">"dongle_dn2405u">click "2". After updating, unplug the dongle.