FAQ: Question about X4 Aileron






    1. What phone models does X4A support?

    X4A supports most Android devices. It is compatible with models having a width ranging from 68-95mm / 2.68-3.74 in, and the maximum compatible thickness can reach 12.5mm / 0.49 in.

    2. Is it wired or wireless? 

    It is wireless. Please use the model’s Bluetooth function to connect X4A.

    3. Is it low latency?

    Yes, ultra-low latency.

    4. Does it has a battery?

    Yes, one 400mAh battery in each controller.

    5. What are the special features of the sticks?

    The Hall Effect sticks use non-contact magnetic sensors to ensure the sticks never wear down in their lifetime, ensuring long durability and preventing stick drift.

    6. Does it have analog triggers?

    Yes, Hall Effect analog triggers with GameSir precision-tuned tech, with 100% Response Area and best-in-class consistent smoothness. There’s also a quick switch to hair trigger mode by holding M+LT/RT buttons for 2s. Toggle the trigger mode to fit your game types.

    7. What’s the speciality of the light effect?

    There are 6 light effects in total that enable gamers to immerse themselves in different gaming atmospheres. By using M + Left Stick’s Left/Right, gamers can cycle through the 6 light effects of stick RGB circles. Using M + Left Stick’s Up/Down allows users to increase/decrease brightness of sticks’ RGB circles. Users can also customize the settings using the GameSir App.

    8. Can I change the button layout?

    Yes. A/B/X/Y button caps are magnetic so the A/B/X/Y layout can be interchanged according to different playstyles. By pressing and holding the M + A buttons for 3s, gamers are allowed to interchange the key value of A,B and X,Y buttons.

    (The default button layout is Xbox layout.)

    9. Is it compatible with using a phone case?

    It is not recommended to use with a case. If a case is necessary, a case less than 1mm is recommended.

    10. What games does it support?

    It supports all controller-supported Android games, such as Soul Knight, Diablo Immortal, Minecraft, Fortnite, Dead Trigger 2, Asphalt 9: Legends, etc.

    11. Can I charge X4A while using it?

    Yes. It will still work smoothly while charging.