Tutorial: How to use GameSir F4 Falcon Controller

  • > チュートリアル:GameSir F4コントローラーの使い方

    1. Compatible mobile phone sizes


    Mobile phone thickness: less than 10mm

    Mobile phone width: 66mm-85mm

    Mobile phone length: less than 170mm

    2. Compatible mobile games

    Games whose virtual buttons can be dragged.

    3. Power On/Off

    The power switch is controlled by a lever. Power-on: pull the lever, the F4 controller is turned on, and its 2 indicators light will be on in green, then will be off after 5 seconds. Power-off: when the lever is fully retracted, the F4 controller is turned off.

    4. How to install

    5. Turbo mode

    6. Off-screen correction

    During using, if the button or F4 controller does not work properly, try to turn the mobile phone screen off and then on to fix the problem.

    7. Battery indicators

    Low battery: When the F4 controller’s battery is lower than 10%, the 2 indicator lights will flash red quickly.

    Charging: the 2 indicator lights will flash red slowly.

    Full battery: the 2 indicator lights will stay on.


    Does it support the mobile phone with a case ?

    It is not recommended to use the mobile phone with a case, the maximum support for very thin mobile phone case, and the final thickness is not more than one centimeter.

    Can it be used with F1 ? 

    Use with F1 is not supported.

    Does it support xx game ?

    The game itself needs to support dragging virtual buttons.

    Why is the button not responding ?

    1. Please turn off the screen for calibration.
    2. Please make sure that the virtual key is moved and aligned to F4 contact.
    3. Please enlarge the size of the virtual key.