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Brand Story

  • March 2007, GameSir created, which is one of the famous and earliest video games portal websites in China. 
  • June 2009, GameSir created, which has become the most successful platform for browser games. 
  • August 2009, The number of Daily Active Users of has reached out to more than 1 million, the Ranking number is less than 1000 via Alexa.
  • March 2010, The registered users of reached out to more than 8 million, video game joining stores increased to more than 200 among more than 60 cities. 
  • Jan 2013, The program of “ Happy Chick “ has started up. 
  • Apr 2013, The App” Happy Chick” is active online and got millions of registered users in huge short time. “Happy Chick” become the No.1 App in video game business line. 
  • Oct 2013, is purchased by the famous video game company “Perfect World”, from now on, our company is established, and put all the effort to the program of “Happy Chick” App. 
  • Jul. 2014    GameSir G1 gamepads came to market, and gained high reputation from users & the industry;
  • Feb. 2015   GameSir G2 gamepads came to market  officially, and possessed high market rate in domestic sales;
  • Sept. 2015  GameSir G3 gamepads, launched officially into the market, which is more mature with experience in the pervious two-generation gamepad, have taken up the gamepad market rapidly; Sales has been ranking firstly in gamepad industry.
  • Oct 2015 GameSir Gamepad became the strategic cooperation partner with Storm Smart Mirror.
  • Feb 2016 Gamesir trademarks are successfully registered in the United States and European.
  • March 2016 GameSir established long strategy business partnership with Tencent online game: Cross Fire.