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Black Friday Sale! 10% Off + Free Shipping

Enjoy the black friday discount we prepared for you! During the black friday, the GameSir VX Aimswitch, GameSir G6s touchroller, and GameSir F4 Falcon mobile game controller will have the best price of the year.


>GameSir VX AimSwitch<

One Combo for All Consoles!

GameSir released VX AimSwitch that brought keypad and mouse to consoles! GameSir VX AimSwitch is aimed at providing competitive console games with all the advantages of keypad and mouse gaming. Inspired by the increasing popularity of FPS and MOBA games, the keypad and mouse combo brings the fine control associated with PC gaming to Xbox One, PS4, PS3 and Nintendo Switch. Own GameSir VX AimSwitch combo, you have everything you need to play competitive games on a console.


>GameSir G6s Mobile Gaming Touchroller<

Gamepad Control with Left Hand, Touchscreen Control with Right Hand

GameSir G6s is a hybrid game controller developed specifically for mobile games that combines the advantages of actual analogue controller and touchscreen control. You can use the left controller to move or jump while focusing on the precise aiming on the right touchscreen. Four-finger control, one step ahead. Dominate the battle with absolutely accurate control.



>GameSir F4 Falcon Mobile Game Controller<

Let's Redefine the fast

F4 controller is crafted by the aesthete’s hands, which is not only a controller for playing but also a rare piece of art. Folded, it is like a falcon in rest; unfolded, it seems a nimble falcon pursuing its prey, which is the same as you do with F4 in the gaming.


Stop losing yourself in the Medusa beauty, otherwise, you probably are in danger.
Apart from its impressive aesthetics, F4 controller is a deadly weapon to take enemies down fast. After all, this is why it is born.


F4 controller is armed with the “selector” as the same as the real M4A1 does, which you can select a suitable burst mode according to the battlefield status.
The “selector” includes as follows:


Default mode ( 1 click, 1 shot)
3-bust mode (1 click, 3 shots)
6-burst mode ( 1 click, 6 shots)
9-burst mode (1 click, 9 shots)


Tell me the truth, do you smell the blood of your rivalries?