Announcement Regarding iOS PUBG Mobile

Dear iOS PUBG Mobile players (except G6/G6s), 

First of all, we sincerely apologize for all the inconvenience that we may have brought you. We totally understand your frustration, and we have been trying our best to solve this problem for you.

Please do understand this is the game publisher's new policy that we have no control of, but we've been working on the cooperation with them and try to implement direct connection of PUBG International.

Meanwhile, we have uploaded a new version of PUBG on Happy Chick for iOS users, but please note that there will still be warnings of account banning, so you're going to make the decision whether to keep playing using the emulator or not. Other FPS games (Rules of Survival, Free Fire, Knives out, etc.) in Happy Chick are not affected so they are still safe to play.

Android users can still play PUBG using GameSir products via GameSir World app.

Another option if anyone's interested - for Chinese version of PUBG you can use direct connection. We have made a tutorial to show you how to connect. The cooperation with PUBG Chinese version and International version are totally different, but we promise that we'll not give up trying.

Again, we are truly sorry to see this happening. We care about your feelings and we'll keep you posted on the progress.


GameSir Team