Tutorial: How to use GameSir Remapper A2

  • Tutorial (Update: 3/6/2018)

     (The complete process of activating Huawei Mate 10 pro Android 8.0) 

    > チュートリアル:GameSir A2 マッピングツールの使い方

    > See Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge (Android 7.0)

    > See Google Pixel (Android 7.0)

    > Japanese Ver. Tutorial チュートリアル:GameSir A2マッピングツールの使い方

    Step-by-step instruction

    To have GamSir Remapper A2 working properly, we strongly recommend you to follow the steps below to avoid failures:

    1. Make sure you installed the last version of GameSir World app. Do not download it from Google Play Store because it is currently outdated. 
    2. Have your Android smartphone stays UNPLUGGED from remapper A2 before you get started.
    3. Setting > System > About and hit Building number 7 times to turn "Developer options" on.
    4. Setting > System > Developer options and turn "Allow USB debug" on.
    5. (If applicable) Turn "Allow ADB debugging in charging only mode" on.
    6. Setting > Apps > GameSir World > Permissions and turn all permissions on (camera, location, phone, and storage)
    7. Turn "Float window permission" on (the name might vary, technically it is a permission to allow the app appear on the top of the screen). 
    8. Go to GameSir World APP and navigate to GameSir Spirit interface.
    9. Now, plug the A2 into the 5v power USB port (e.g PC's USB port), wait for 5 seconds till the blue light goes flashing, then connect USB cable into the A2 and your smartphone.
    10. "Allow access to device data" window will pop up at this moment, select "No, charging only". 
    11. "Allow USB debugging" window will pop up at this moment, select Yes; if there wasn't a pop-up, please unplug and replug the cable till you see the pop-up again. 
    12. Stay on GameSir Spirit interface, DO NOT tap "start" button NOR touch the screen. 
    13. Wait about one minute until the red text "remapping" turns green and the icon goes checked.
    14. The remapping is successful. You may now select "+" to add your favorite game titles. 


    Q1. I followed the exact same steps like the tutorial, why is it still not working?

     There are serval things preventing the success:

    1. Your GameSir World App is outdated, please download the last version here. Do not download it from the google play store especially if you are using latest released smartphones.
    2. Forgot to turn on all permissions of GameSir World App including location and float window permission. Please gave full permissions to the app first before activating. 
    3. Kept the A2 plugged and connected to the smartphone all the time. Remember do not plug anything into your phone before your phone's setting is ready. 
    4. The Bluetooth of the smartphone is in use. Please disable the Bluetooth and try the whole process again.
    5. This cable is for charging only, please use a data cable instead.

    Q2. When I unplugged the USB cable from the smartphone right after remapping successfully, the remapping immediately went off and became not working, why?

    Some certain smartphone models may have this issue, the solution is as shown below:

    1. Make sure you also turn on the ADB debugging underneath the USB debugging if your smartphone has this option. 
    2. When your smartphone connects the USB cable from GameSir Remapper, it will pop up the reminder window of "Allow access to device data", please select "No, Charge only".