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GameSir T3 Controller



通过有线(1.8m 电缆)和无线连接,T3 保持不变
即使在您的大客厅或游戏室中也是一个可靠的合作伙伴,确保身临其境的电视或 PC 游戏世界。
此外,其长达 40 小时的强劲电池续航时间让您可以随心所欲地玩得开心。
T3 可以立即带你进入真正的游戏战斗,即使你是
所以坐下来,享受更大的屏幕,享受 T3 带来的更多乐趣。
双模连接,支持PC & Android TV box
但是,作为双模控制器,T3 让游戏玩家享受
此外,与 PC 和 Android 电视盒的兼容性使其成为您舒适的沙发游戏的理想游戏伴侣,无论是通过
附带的 1.8m 电缆或 2.4GHz 无线接收器(传输距离可达 10m)。
T3 offers a more dynamic and delicate vibration by creating different vibration strength on
the left and right grips.
Linear trigger buttons create multi-level performance and interactivity
Linear trigger buttons allow you to control in-game speed or strength by adjusting your tension on them
in response to the gameplay,
thus realizing multi-level performance and interactivity in games.

3-gear Turbo frequency delivers right speed for right scenes
With 3-gear Turbo speed to choose from, T3 helps gamers change to different speed while gaming.

Up to 40-hourbattery life backs your nonstop playtime
Built-in with a 400mAh lithium battery, T3 can provide up to 40-hour battery life.
It helps gamers escape low battery anxiety and
gamers ultimate gaming experience.


Tech Specs:

Working Platform: Windows 7/10 or above, Android TV Box (Android 9.0 or above)

Connection: 2.4GHz Wireless / Wired

Vibration Motors: Yes

Battery: 400 mAh rechargeable Lithium battery

Product Size: 162*102*67 mm / 6.38*4.02*2.64 in

Cable length (Wired Mode): 1.8 m / 5.91 ft


Package Contents:

GameSir-T3 *1

Micro-USB Cable (1.8 m) *1

2.4GHz Wireless USB Receiver *1

User Manual *1

Certification *1

Special Note: 

1 . 巴西客户 请记得在 巴西海关要求的特殊说明空白或地址行中提供CPF ID ,没有它我们无法发货。2. 中东客户请用英文 输入您的地址 3. 香港客户请用中文 输入您的地址  

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