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Aspiring to become a recognized TikTok influencer but lacking motivation? Having unique insights into GameSir’s products? Now is the opportunity for you to turn your ideas into a rewarding bonus! We warmly welcome all participants to become GameSir's KOC (Key Opinion Consumer) to express their voices, regardless of talents, inspirations, or thoughts! At the same time, to reward our fans, each creator will receive a bonus based on the video views.

 Become a GameSir Partner:

1. Share your original video on TikTok.

2. Follow our official TikTok account - @gamesir.official.

3. Send a message and your video with our account - @gamesir.official on TikTok.

P.S. Please send your video to the GameSir official account within 30 days after its publication.


      Upon approval of the video, creators can receive a gradient voucher based on the video views:

      1. Video views: 500-1000, receive an $8 discount voucher.

      2. Video views: 1000-5000, receive a $25 discount voucher.

      3. Video views: Above 5000, receive a $50 discount voucher.  


        1. The basic requirement is 500 video views.

        2. The voucher is only available on GameSir official website.

        3. GameSir will prepare more valuable, more fantastic gifts for our fans in the future.

        Requirements and Conditions:

        To participate in the GameSir WE ARE KOC program, you are considered to accept the following:

        1. The video should be original, innovative, and between 15 to 60 seconds.

        2. The video should accurately showcase the features of a GameSir product or convey your gaming experience with a GameSir device.

        3. Fans can submit multiple entries each month; however, each individual can win only one prize within the same month.

        NoticeThe video should showcase the products currently available for sale on Please review our official website before your creation.


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