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How Was GameSir G5 Born?

As 2018 comes, so as G5. It is finally here with all gamers' expectation.

Since GameSir's foundation in 2014, it has been 4 years till today. We have been remitting to our original intention: to create more products that are truly born to gamers. No matter how persistent the research and development will be, what we wish is that you get totally relaxed when playing with our gamepads without the need to worry about any faulty operation or defects.

Nowadays, as games update and evolve, traditional gamepads are not able to meet control needs in certain games for some gamers. For this reason, we have been conceiving G5. In the summer of 2017, we decided to integrate a trackpad on the foundation of G4, and selected 30 users to test the original model.

Suggestion about the trackpad came successively. Players thought cool about it, while its accuracy, hand feeling and inadequate buttons were not satisfying enough.

Original G5 (there were not touch buttons on the trackpad)

The next 6 months was painstaking. We tested and made new changes unceasingly. We integrated new techniques on the foundation of Steam trackpad to combine it with ABXY buttons, so that one part could be multifunction. Also, we adjusted the size of trackpad to make its radius perfectly accord with ABXY. All MOBA games can be played with great facility.

As for gamepad buttons, we added them to 33 so that you can best enjoy the games, be they MOBA or PUBG ones. In almost one year, the final G5 was done. We felt relieved to hear that players were fond of it. All effort was worthy!

Finished G5

Now, G5 lands in the U.S. in CES 2018 and stands out. We are so pleased to see that participant think highly of it!

Dear gamers, please stay tuned to our latest news and wait patiently, as elaborately-packed G5 will come to you very soon.

Wish you like it!


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