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GameSir Sponsors eStar Pro, the Champion E-sport Team of KPL(King Pro League) in China

Since the release of King of Glory in 2015, it has been overwhelming among MOBA gamers in China. Cooperation and activities centered on it have attracted much attention and conversely gained its popularity.
And for GameSir, who is committed to making the best gamepads for players, there is nothing more important than bringing real fun and better service for them. GameSir achieves official cooperation with eStarPro, the King of Glory professional team in China by the boom of King Pro League (KPL).
(Estar Pro Gaming players)
(EDG.M vs. eStar Pro)
Shouldering nine championships in KPL, eStarPro features high popularity and strength as well as excellent team cooperation with the prominent performance made in series of competitions. The team was even interviewed and reported by China Central Television for being the representative of China's e-Sport.
During the cooperation, GameSir will be the only gamepad sponsor of eStarPro. The members will participate in the research and development of GameSir products by virtue of their professional views and suggestions. The cooperation will definitely promote perfect gaming experience and satisfy players' demands of a higher level.

Since the establishment in 2016, the team has won various rewards including 2016 TGA, QGC, 2016 KPL, etc. See the champion members here!

eStar. Coach: General T (T将军)

Founder of eStarGaming, the team coach of King of Glory, one of the representatives of China's e-Sport, the former world champion of WAR3, StarCraft II, Heroes of the Storm, entered e-Sport industry since 14 years old.

eStar. XiaoYu (小渝)

Position: Jungler

Being one of the core players in the team, he can handle enemies effortlessly by his strength, thus is regarded as an exceptional jungle player.

eStar. WeiZhuan(伪装)

Position: Mid-laner

An excellent and offensive mid-lane player. He can play both aggressively and conservatively under outstanding consciousness.

eStar. NuoYan (诺言)

Position: Bottom-laner

A promising support player. Have both handsome look and powerful strength.

eStar. JuZi (橘子)

Position: Bottom-laner

China's promising top top-lane player. He plays decisively and is good at aggressive heroes. His strong resistance and powerful strength is a terror strike to enemies.

eStar. NaiCha (奶茶)

Position: Support

奶茶has broad vision and collaborative team spirit. He always creates an excellent battle atmosphere for teammates by forging ahead and undertaking many damages so is regarded as a golden support player in the team.

eStar. HuoHuoHuo (火火火)

Position: Mid-laner

The new player plays as the mid-lane mage. Being able to hold the whole situation and play decisively, he is a promising mid-lane player in the team.


Position: Jungler

As the pro jungler . He can appropriately grasp pace and opportunity in games. For this reason, he is renowned as an "enemy harvester".

eStar. Dake(达克)

Position: Bottom-lane

The emerging and promising bottom-lane player who plays with both resistance and aggression. He can hide well so as not to be discovered by enemies.

eStar. TiGer

Position: Support

The emerging support player in the team. Playing stably and diligently to widen visions for teammates, he is seen as the shelter of the team.

eStar. XinChen (星辰)

Position: Bottom-lane

An exceptional aggressive player who plays shooting heroes well. He grows benefits fast and moves flexibly with smooth operation.


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