GameSir Nova Series — The budget-friendly Hall Effect Controllers

GameSir Nova Series — The budget-friendly Hall Effect Controllers

GameSir launches highly anticipated Nova Series: Two next-generation controllers destined to present unrestricted gaming experiences.

Introduction of Nova—a perfect controller for NS

GameSir Nova—available in two captivating colorway options: Retro White or Neon Teal—is perfectly designed for the Nintendo Switch. With two customizable stick stylish RGB circles, tri-mode connectivity, and multi-platform compatibility, Nova empowers gamers to immerse themselves in a unique gaming experience with unparalleled comfort and freedom. This remarkable gadget is now available on the GameSir official website, and major online retailers such as AmazonAliExpresseBayNeweggWalmart, and MercadoLibre. Get Yours Now


Equipped with GameSir™ anti-drift Hall Effect sticks for precision and consistency, the Nova ensures unparalleled accuracy and smoothness, enhancing gaming performance with specially optimized algorithms. With a lifespan of up to 5 million cycles, Nova is poised to be your long-term gaming companion and partner, delivering exceptional reliability and durability.

Perfect option for Nintendo Switch. With HD rumbles in grips, Nova transforms into a musical controller when gamers encounter music blocks in Super Mario Bros. Wonder. Unlock more excitement and immerse yourself in realistic haptic sensations with PS grade motors, feeling every shock, fire, and impact. Nova also features interactive motion controls, allowing gamers to tilt, shake, or rotate the controller for an unmatched gaming immersion, providing instantaneous and authentic feedback.

Enjoy seamless multi-platform compatibility, effortlessly switching between different devices without the need to change peripherals or operate through an app. Gamers can easily switch modes by holding the designated key combination. Whether on Switch, PC, iOS, or Android, players can immerse themselves in preferred gaming worlds with ease.

Introduce of GameSir Nova Litean incredibly budget-friendly multi-platform controller

Featuring GameSir™ Hall Effect, asymmetric motors in the grips, potentiometer analog triggers, and membrane face buttons, the Nova Lite promises a truly worthwhile gaming experience. It is available in two stylish color options, Stellar White or Space Purple, and you can purchase it on the GameSir official website and major online retailers such as Amazon, AliExpress, eBay, Newegg, Walmart, MercadoLibre, and Coupang.

Addressing concerns about joystick longevity, the Nova Lite incorporates GameSir™ Hall Effect sticks, utilizing non-contact magnetic sensors to eliminate component abrasion and wear, ensuring an unprecedented lifespan of up to 5 million cycles. This gadget is designed to enhance gaming performance with a cost-effective purchase.

Embracing the motto "Just In Game," GameSir prioritizes gamers' experiences. The Nova Lite offers Tri-mode connectivity, supporting Bluetooth, Wireless Dongle, and Wired connection methods, providing hassle-free gaming. To underline our commitment, the receiver is even included!

Experience high-level design and feel every impact, crash, or gunshot with the realistic sensations delivered by the asymmetric motors. With PS5-grade triggers and Xbox-style motors, the Nova Lite is destined to fully immerse you in gaming at a price equivalent to a cup of coffee.

Choose the new sensations in the controller industry and let's indulge!

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