GameSir Kaleid & Kaleid Flux are Available Today

GameSir Kaleid & Kaleid Flux are Available Today

GameSir, a world-renowned brand in gaming peripherals, is proud to announce the launch of its Kaleid and Kaleid Flux controllers. These amazing new wired game controllers are designed to enhance the gaming experience with their advanced features, vibrant illuminated LED strips, and high-quality, comfortable design. These two gadgets now are available on GameSir official website, Amazon, AliExpress, Newegg, Walmart, ebay and mercadolibre.


The Xbox-licensed controllers feature GameSir™ Hall Effect sticks, which effectively deliver an anti-drift glide, a reliable, precision-tuned performance and an ultimate long lifespan up to 5 million cycles. The Hall Effect Analog triggers are designed to deliver a consistent output, ensuring that actions like accelerating or braking during racing games give reliable and predictable results.


Both models boast a stunning transparent design that incorporates 2 customisable LED light strips that can be tailored to each gamer’s unique preferences to suit different environments, moods and styles. The Kaleid has microswitch ABXY buttons, default rainbow light colors, and an original PCB pattern printed with ‘KALEID’, whereas the Kaleid Flux features membrane ABXY buttons, a default noble gold lite color, and is printed with a damascus pattern.


Equipped with four distinct motors, these controllers can deliver both strong and subtle vibrations as needed, enhancing the tactile feedback for a more immersive gaming experience. With two asymmetric motors in the motors, gamers can truly experience the real, precise feedback of crashes, gunshots and bumps.

Take the new kaleidoscopic controllers now and shine your highlights!

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