GameSir G4s is a Must-have Smartphone Gamepad in 2016

GameSir G4s is a Must-have Smartphone Gamepad in 2016

HONG KONGJuly 7, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- As a young and fast growing Smartphone game controller brand, GameSir G3s has gained a great reputation among the mobile game enthusiasts in the past six months. It is an exciting time for GameSir to launch their new product, G4s, to an already existing line. Honestly speaking, contrast with the overpriced background, GameSir always take seriously for gaming experience to Smartphone gamers. G4s is the awesome gadget from appearance. It shows the ambitions for Android Smartphone gamepad far beyond PC gamepad.

Sometimes, a huge boring PC screen just isn't exciting enough to hold a video gamer's interest. The next step in powerful and more interactive gamepad, however, can come in the form of Smartphone game controller like G4s.

GameSir G4s features highly for Android Smartphone games and stable quality. GameSir has all in one free game emulator "Happy Chick" with thousands of Android games, PS and other video games. G4s can support all these Android games perfectly. Extremely precise joystick and 8-way D-pad with adjustable vibration intensity control for boosted stability. Wide hand-rest with rubber material makes you feel perfectly comfortable in long time gaming. G4s is also the best game controller for VR. 

Compared to GameSir G3s, the obvious difference is appearance. You will absolutely be deeply caught at your first glance. The unique metallic texture joysticks, D-pad and LED button structure consists of a "Robot face" or maybe you can call it "ET" face. It comes out in three gorgeous colors: Grey, Black, and Yellow. Vivid colors always are worth of expecting. G4s is not just a game controller, but it is also the best choice for every Gadget lover.

GameSir always focus on gaming experience for gamers. G4s adds the battery power indicator on the left side of the phone holder. Four LED lights indicate the remaining percentage power of the gamepad, so gamers will no need to bear the anger of sudden stop at the moment of your best performance.

There are many new gamepad brands in the market, but only a few focuses on Smartphone gamepad now. GameSir G4s is the must-have Smartphone gamepad in 2016. More information about GameSir G4s can be found here: 

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