GameSir Disclaimer

Thank you for interesting on GameSir product.
GameSir was born for change the way we play smartphone games.
As you may know, popular mobile games like PUBG mobile, Fortnite and other similar genres of online battle do not support gamepad natively. To force them controllable with gamepads, GameSir either requires you using GameSir World app to create a button overlay on the screen allowing GameSir product to control the game or provides you the complete game packages already integrated with the gamepad support. We here promise you that GameSir never-ever manipulates the game's internal data, and never modifies and harms your smartphone system.
Please note that using this product would ask you to install the apps and games provided by us, and also enable the debug mode of your smartphone. By purchasing from us, you agree to take your own risk from any potential detection by the game publisher, or any situation occurred due to the enabled debugging mode. It is your responsibility to ensure the smartphone's safety and determine the usage of our products.
Happy gaming!
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