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A Story about GameSir M2

Since GameSir's foundation in 2014, we have been devoting to create more fun for gamers, in the possibly simple and convenient way. That is the original intention we had GameSir M2 in mind.

As Android is more "open" and Apple's iOS is a more "closed" operating system, iOS users will face more restrictions while downloading apps or games. What's more, Apple's iOS is closed-source. Yes, it has some open-source bits, but the vast majority of the operating system is closed-source.

That's why we strive for the M2 MFi controller for iOS gamers. With it, game resources will be more "open" and feasible for iOS users, no extra app downloading needed.

M2's first launch was in 2017 on Kickstarter, an American public-benefit website. Here is what the original M2 looked like:

We have received much support from backers, we felt thankful but also regretful, as the project was not able to reach the target fund so at last failed.

Even so, we didn't give up the product. In the past year, we have been testing and optimizing it on the basis of the previous version, expecting the better performance.

In May 2018, new M2 officially released. Its color, texture, connection performance have be greatly upgraded. Here is the new model:

Finally, M2 is here. Now M2 in both colors is available to order. We wish its performance deserves all wait and expectation.

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  • AbuBakar Dur Muhammad: September 23, 2019

    hi there, will only one Question is this controller work in any iphone for playing PUBG if Yes let me i know so i can buy more pieces.

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