Toon Shooters 2: The Freelancers

Toon Shooters 2: The Freelancers

Category: Shooter
Price: Free, In-App Purchases
By: Mooff Games
Supports MFI Controllers: Yes
Designed for: iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Apple TV.
iOS Compatibility: Requires iOS 6.0 or later.



Sequel to the hit game ‘Toon Shooters: Rise of the Fleet’ featured under ‘Best Games You’ve Never Played’ in the US & Canada.

Five years after the fall of the Fleet, the Toons are back in action to wreck threats old and new… it was a massacre, on both sides!

Toon Shooters 2 is an arcade side-scrolling shooter ‘shmup’ inspired by the long lost classics of Gradius/R-Type/Salamander and more.

– The sequel to a successful worldwide side-scroller shooter. This genre of the game really don’t exist in ANY market, it’s fresh but familiar.
– The first campaign launches with 10 stages & bosses.
– Up to 4 players online co-operative multiplayer.
– 6 playable characters, each with a unique playstyle and team role.
– Relative touch controls with MFi controller support.
– Second mini-campaign of 5 stages under development with lots of room for further expansion.

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