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Capcom Drops Video Of Akuma Obliterating Opponent In Street Fighter VI

Die 1000 deaths!

There are certain ways to measure the success of not just a video game or franchise but the various characters that inhabit it. Take a look at various fighting game franchises in the world, and you’ll see what we mean. If those franchises are built on original characters, then the developers have had to give them not just a unique look to stand out but also give them moves to make them feel special, powerful, and, in the case of villains, feared. For proof of this, look no further than Street Fighter 6, which is just 12 days away from bringing in the mighty Akuma into the game via the title’s first Fighter Pass.

Capcom celebrated this fact by showing off Akuma absolutely demolishing a foe with his Shun Goku Satsu, aka the “Raging Demon.” The way they “casually” dropped is a big hint as to how much of a fan they are of Akuma’s and this move. Plus, when you look at how epic it looks in Street Fighter 6, you’ll understand why they wanted to show it off:

Indeed, that looks boss. Just as important, it looks boss and FEELS like a true finishing move. Some of the other fighters in the game do have great special moves that have a mini-cutscene attached, but we’d argue that none of them match up to the power and presentation of Akuma’s.

Not to mention, Akuma has been a key part of the franchise’s lore since almost the beginning. He is the brother of Gouken, who trained Ryu and Ken in the way of the “Assassination Fist.” The problem was that while Gouken did a more “non-lethal” variant meant to push the fighter to the limit without giving in to darker impulses, Akuma decided to take it in the other direction and fully embrace it. That’s what helped him unlock the power of the Raging Demon.

This move is devastating not just because it hurts you, but it canonically is meant to eradicate your soul. It uses all the bad things that you’ve done in the past against you and basically wipes you from reality so that your body is nothing more than empty husk. Akuma doing that alone is devastating, but then striking the pose afterward with his symbol glowing on his back has made him true “final boss” material for many years.

While his presence in the game’s story won’t be as important, you can get him to teach you the Raging Demon, making your character even more powerful.


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