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Strengthen Your Heroes in Arena of Valor by This Useful Tool!

If you've fired up the iTunes App Store or Google Play recently, you can't have missed Arena of Valor storming up the charts.

The complete 5v5 MOBA game has an easy-learning but wise control. By operating with a mouse, it can often be better to focus on getting those all-important last hits in lane instead of wasting time harassing an opponent. And the on-screen interface comes across as slightly too simple in a strategic sense, but it also gives you plenty of opportunities for fun.

For the reasons above, the game has been one of the most successful games in China for quite a while and now it's finally headed west to keep overseas gamers all glued to smartphones and tablets.

And recently, a new trend booms among the some gamers - they are playing with a "game machine" by using a joystick while you are still using the mobile phone!

Actually, the "game machine" is a mobile phone with the perfect combination of a useful tool: Gamesir F1 Joystick Grip. By using it, free kill could be coming your way so easily.

The on-screen button can exactly chase your hero's movement but your finger will also get sore after longtime playing. Under the help of the grip and the rubber pad with a conductive steel piece inside it, you can play effortlessly in 360° without any delay or slide.

What's more, the grip enjoys easy usage with no installation or driver needed. As long as your phone fits between 4 – 6 inches, you can withstand and enjoy your game tirelessly!

Designed as hollow at both sides, the grip relieves you from worrying about inadequate power supply of your mobile phone. Just charge it any time as you want and continue your battle.

When opponents are all killed and the fierce battle is over, the grip's built-in bracket also stands you to continue your TV series, shows or other creations in great convenience.

For Arena of Valor players, nothing will be more enjoyable than holding this versatile useful tool at hand! Deploying Minions in 5 sec! Ready to fight, challenger?


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