Review on GameSir G5: A Must-buy for MOBA and FPS Games

Review on GameSir G5: A Must-buy for MOBA and FPS Games

Being a super fan of PUBG games, I have been expecting G5 from long ago. I have collected GameSir gamepad of T2a and G4s, which are both fantastic in design and gaming experience. That is why I have high expectations on the new G5. What excites me most is its cool trackpad design. And by chance, I got G5 with luck, I am gonna share some of my thoughts with you.

  • Appearance & design

G5 weighs lighter than Xbox gamepads. The technical and futuristic design stands it out compared with other traditional gamepads in market. Center lie the phone bracket and HOME button. The bracket is bigger than that of previous gamepads so that I can hold my phone more firmly. On its left side, G5 adopts standard Xbox-output joystick and D-pad layout, which feel comfortably like Xbox ones. Surrounded the joystick are POWER, MODE, SELECT and START buttons and 4 light indicators.

The right side is what I want to emphasize: traditional joystick is cancelled and replaced by a round trackpad with ABXY raised dots. This is my favorite part in G5 as it combines raised buttons and slide function in certain games, accuracy adjustment is also possible through this part. It may not be totally perfect but from the creative design, I can predict that GameSir team will carry on bring surprises in future models.

Of course, extra physical buttons are also equipped around the trackpad: A+, X+, Y+, B+, 1, 2, 3&4. They press like Apple's HOME button. These 8 buttons can satisfy all control demands in PUBG games. Such a button layout will attract other gamers though G5 is mainly designed for MOBA and FPS games according to GameSir team.

L5 and R5 buttons are in the back side of the gamepad. Handles of G5 is specially designed: both handles contain detachable handle shell. An USB connector of dongle hides in the left handle and a dongle slot in the right. Though the dongle is not attached with G5, I assume that future versions would add the dongle function.

  • Function

Connection: Mobile phones can only be connected via Bluetooth connection in GameSir World app (Android) or Happy Chick Emulator (iOS).

HOME button: HOME button flashes in blue when unconnected, keeps in solid blue under connection and keeps in solid green when charging.

The trackpad and multi-button layout are what excite me most. These functions release me from spelling casts with both fingers. And the gamepad is equipped with all buttons that I need in mobile phones, so I don't need to set extra combination buttons. In PUBG games, the multi-button settings bring much convenience. What's else:

  1. Shooting and aiming is easier than playing with the joystick. The trackpad is amazing as it operates better than the joystick.
  2. I have to say that I LOVE the left joystick! It feels so comfortable! The combination of L3 button makes it feel like console gamepad.
  3. Turbo and mouse mode are really practical when shooting. So PUBG games operate faster than playing with mobile phones.

  • Gamepad using

PUBG games: I need to set up for connection when I enter Rules of Survival for the first time. And the gamepad will connect automatically afterwards. I can play PUBG games wholly with the gamepad without touching the mobile phone. TURBO function is helpful in PUBG and FPS games. And this function is specifically designed in G5 as there is a TURBO button which I can adjust its frequency.

In a word, I feel better playing with G5 than my mobile phone. All operations can be done with a specific button, therefore freeing me from memorizing combination buttons. And they enjoy faster reaction than mobile operation. As for aiming, it will take some exercise with the gamepad before I can make precise aiming.

MOBA games: Through the gamepad itself and button settings in GameSir World app, I can achieve accurate spell casting and faster reaction. Though not familiar with the trackpad, I can still feel it fluent, efficient, and what matters is that there are no lags!

The joystick that G5 adopts differentiates from previous GameSir gamepads: pressing ABXY buttons, the trackpad becomes a joystick. All skills and directions can be chosen on edge of the trackpad.

  • Conclusion

GameSir G5 is my favorite gamepad among all of my collection. I appreciate its unique characteristic design and flexible cooperation compared with those previous dual joystick gamepads. Here are some of my wishes to future GameSir gamepads:

  1. Future G5 versions can add PC support function.
  2. Add more supported games.
  3. As the number of gamers grows, I would like to see strengthened promotion or propaganda of GameSir. Most of us are so desperate for proper gamepads for different games.
  4. At last, I wish to see more innovative and technological gamepads produced by GameSir in future.
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