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Review on GameSir G4s Bluetooth Gaming Controller

This is the gaming controller that should be on your radar: GameSir G4s Bluetooth Gaming Controller, seeing that it too features an articulating arm that'll cradle your mobile device for an easier gaming experience on the go. In addition, we also like it that it employs some rugged materials with its construction – namely the textured surfaces that wrap around the grips of the controller. They'll do nicely in keeping a solid grip as you're frenetically mashing down on its over-sized action buttons.

The GameSir G4s Bluetooth Gaming Controller also features a rechargeable 800 mAh battery, which can display its charge capacity with the corresponding LEDs on the controller. Compared to some of the other controllers on this list that leverage double-AA batteries as its power source, the GameSir G4s Bluetooth Gaming Controller is rated to deliver 16 hours of playtime from a full charge. Yes, it's rather short, but it only means having to recharge the controller in between sessions to ensure it's at a decent level.