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Review on GameSir F2 Grip Mobile Game Fire Button For PUBG FPS Rules of Survival Fortnite

As a big fan of PUBG Mobile, I was so lucky to be chosen as one of the product reviewers to try this product out. It is a pure hardware assistant for PUBG M, so we don’t need to worry about being detected as emulator players and get kicked out of the game. Now let’s open the box and see what they have inside.

The outer package is really small and easily portable. When you open the black box, you’ll see an “egg-shaped” product and a small black box.

Open the small box there are two shooting clips. The transparent design of the clips avoids screen-blocking, and you can shoot simultaneously from both sides.

The feeling of the clips when you press them is just amazing. You can tell it’s very nimble after setting the hotkeys.

Now we have the shooting clips, what is that “egg” we have inside? Simply just separate the egg into half and you’ll figure out. That’s right – it’s a stretchable grip! All you need to do is to separate and assemble it, and it’ll become just the grip you need.

The design and texture is fabulous. It’s comfortable to hold even after you played with it for a long time. There is also a little detail that I appreciate the most – the little hole on the side of the grip for charging and earphone plug.

Besides the charging port, I also wanna mention the shooting grips. At the back of the grips, there equips the pivot that can fit mobile phones of different thickness simply by rotating to adjust the angle.

Now let’s try the gadget on real games. My phone is iPhone 8 and I am playing PUBG mobile. As a physical hardware, GameSir F2 is not gonna ban your account or kick you out from the game. Let’s pull out the egg-shaped grip, joint them together, and put my phone in.

Game settings are also easy. Setting>Controls>Customize, drag any buttons to the shooting clips, there you go!

All actions are all configurable at your service!

In a word, GameSir F2 fully mobilize your fingers to match subtle movements in FPS games. By aiming and shooting simultaneously, your gaming experience will be upgraded to an unprecedentedly high level.