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How to Play Super Mario Bros with GameSir T1s Gamepad?

If you are a retro game fan, you cannot be more familiar with Super Mario Bros.. It is the pinnacle of pure, unblemished gaming. The 2D platformer, designed by Nintendo's legendary figurehead Shigeru Miyamoto, still remains in our minds the most addictive game experience.

The princess has been kidnapped by the evil Bowser. Mario and his brother Luigi must bring her off. 3 ways of powerups are available: a mushroom to make Mario taller, reserving him a life before losing one more, a fire flower to enable him to shoot fireballs at enemies such as Koopa Troopas, Goombas, etc., and a twinkling star to make him immune to enemies for a while.

In some stages like the final stage (8-4), perplexing maze happens. The map looks the same, but pitfalls hide everywhere. If you go into a wrong pipe, Mario will return back to the same place, but time passes by. The result is, time runs out but princess is still trapped. And the progress goes on and on until you go into the correct pipe, then Mario's rescue journey shall continue. This part, in my opinion, is the most attractive and addictive in the game: magical surprise.

Controls are classical and simple: A to jump, hold B to run. With GameSir T1s gamepad, the time when people play such retro games will be reappeared. It relieves your finger from getting slippery when hitting enemies. Operation is easier, bringing much more fun.

The main character "Jump Man" Mario, along Luigi, has taken players through more than 30 colorful levels of varied theme and design. These variations together with cute, stylized enemies like the Goombas have swept a wide array of platforms.

Super Mario Bros. is the first major showpiece for Nintendo's heightened quality of gaming: full of depth, layered with tight control and remarkably clever level creation that spills with secrets and extras. And these puzzles are what Mario fans relish to discuss even nowadays.

*Before playing the game with GameSir T1s gamepad, you need to download Happy Chick Emulator and install it with simple steps as shown below.

















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