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GameSir T1S Review – The All In One Game Controller

Ever since we picked up a Gravis Gamepad in the early 90s, we’ve consistently relied on 3rd party controllers to help us take PC gaming to the next level. While some diehard FPS gamers like to rely on mechanical keyboards, most casual gamers know that a controller is the easiest way to get a fun, engaging gaming experience.

But as games have continued to advance beyond the limitations of old school hardware, our hardware has had to advance to keep up. The unfortunate reality of the gamepad industry is that gamers are expected to spend top dollar if they want a high-quality game pad. Many of us know firsthand that cutting costs means cutting corners.

We had the opportunity to take a look at a GameSir T1S. For the first time since we unboxed our Gravis controller, we felt as if we got a good controller for a good price. But what exactly is it that separates the GameSir T1S from the plethora of bargain controllers on the market? We did an in-depth review to find out.