GameSir M2 Review on Asphalt 8: Airborne: Hassle-free, Connect and Play with iPhone

GameSir M2 Review on Asphalt 8: Airborne: Hassle-free, Connect and Play with iPhone

I'm a big fan of racing games, so I was thrilled when I know that GameSir has a model that is compatible with iOS system and supports Asphalt 8 - that's exactly what I need! Plus it's my favorite Iron Man color matching. I tried out the controller immediately after I received it and definitely loved it. The instruction is super easy and straightforward. All you need is to turn on the Bluetooth of your iPhone and the controller, go ahead and pair, then you are ready to go.

The controller has two joysticks. I think its designed for both left handers and right handers for some games (for example Asphalt 8), and have different functions for the other games. 

The design and color of the controller is just the style that nobody can say no to. The texture of the controller is amazing. Both sides of the joystick has granular rubber so it's pretty comfortable and anti-slippery. Ergonomics is a huge part of the design. When you try the crystal buttons and the sticks, the feel is so good and smooth.

OK. Time for the instructions. It's very simple.

All you need to do is to find this app from APP Store and download it. The name of the app is GameSir World. And when you open it, you will see something like this.

There are lots of games in this app, and that means those are the games that are compatible with the controller (make sure your phone is already paired with your controller!) Find the game you wanna play and download it from App Store. If you are not sure, there are always some introduction when you click on the games that you think you might be interested in.

After you download the game, you are all set to go! The controller works smoothly in the game. The stick is easy to control the directions of the car and the design is very comfortable even though I hold it and play for a long time. It's not heavy and in-hand feeling is pretty good.

Different buttons are for different functions. Before the game starts, only left stick can be used to change options before the game, “A” is for confirm and next, “B” is for back to previous interface. During the game, you can use both sticks or the arrow key to control the direction of the car. Press “A” for accelerating, “B” and “L1” or “L2” for backing up, and “Y” for switching camera. The controller works perfectly fine with the game – no lagging, no flickering, and no key stuck.

It's a good leisure entertainment when you feel tired and need a little break from work in the office or when you need to kill time. Overall it's a pleasant experience and I would highly recommend it to everyone.



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