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GameSir G5 Review: a Secret Weapon for Rules of Survival

Rules of Survival is a free-to-play 3D mobile battle royale shooter that plays similarly to PUBG games like Player Unknown's Battlegrounds and Fortnite. Either playing alone or with other mates, the ultimate goal is to become the final winner survived among 120 other players on the match island. 

The game begins with your game character dropping onto the game land and searching everywhere for weaponry, armor, and other resources to help you in the fight.

Much like other games in the battle royale genre, the game scope will be gradually restricted by a circle, causing damages to players. To avoid this, you have to move to the middle of the circle, while also near to other dangerous groups of players.

I love this kind of shooting game as it is breath-holding and exciting: you will never know when will the enemy occurs and how will you die in the game so you may get hurry-scurry in operating when an enemy suddendly aims at you.

Things can get better if you are using a gamepad, which is GameSir G5. Same as you, I am first confused by its multiple button layout, but it is not until I play the game with these buttons that I feel they do help.

  • Button configuration

The game can be entered through GameSir World app (Android) or Happy Chick Emulator (iOS). Yes, the gamepad perfectly support both platforms. If you are a green hand with the gamepad, the pre-equipped GameSir official button configuration will help.

Be they shooting, aiming, picking or attacking, each action has a corresponding button on the gamepad. Let's take some examples:

  1. Trackpad: Adjust the view (up/down/left/right). 
  2. Joystick: Direction adjust button. 
  3. L2 for aiming: when you hold a gun at hand, the target indicator appears automatically to aim. 
  4. L3 for door open: I need to emphasis that there is no physical button of L3 on the gamepad. Instead, it lies when pressing down the left joystick. Don't forget its position when you are locked out from a door! 

As for other buttons, they all clearly float on the game interface. When you are familiar with the layout, you can set it hidden, or even customize your own configuration.

  • Control

The trigger buttons feel like a mouse, which give me a clicky and instant feeling. All gamepads are born for a more efficient gaming experience, and more so in such shooting games. I could always addict myself to the game but hand fatigue after playing for a long while also retreat me from it. But G5 really holds comfortable and kills my time easily!


Playing without G5 may sometimes annoy me, as an example, as it is easy to touch the fight button while I intend to view upwards-screen scope is limited. Such faulty operation is common but fatal in the game. Also, there is subtle lag after I do pick up, which means I need to wait for an imperceptibly while until my next action.

But things change with G5, especially with its L4, R4, L5, R5 buttons as they will give quick response and feedback-what you have to do is let go of the gamepad "learning" process. Once you get familiar with the buttons, survival can be a piece of cake.

As I mentioned previously, I am not accustomed with the "uncommon" layout at the beginning. But eventually I find that every button can work its fullest to best strengthen my character. Accustom to it, adapt to it, and you will finally find yourself master of it as well as your game.

G5 is a "secret weapon for FPS games" according to GameSir official. It is not until I really experience the game with it that such description does come to me. If you wish to win every battle in the game, such a gamepad is the gadget that you will be deeply addicted same as I.