GameSir G4s Review On Shadowgun: Dead Zone: Cautious of this Time Killer

GameSir G4s Review On Shadowgun: Dead Zone: Cautious of this Time Killer

It is simpler than other shooting games in Deadzone. There is no story mode, practice mode or even local multiplayer in the game. What you need to do is just choose between two different game modes: Deathmatch, a staple for online shooters; and Zone Control, something along the lines of capture the flag.

Six maps were split equally between the two modes, and these maps have a good sense variation for some are small and others relatively bigger, mixing indoor and outdoor scenes. Map of the Zone Control is particularly great, for it provides a strategic positioning of barriers so that you can easily make wise strategies and shoot from backward views.

In the Deathmatch mode, your shooting target people come from right, left and center. It is best that you march towards where you hear the gunfire, and this can give you the best shoot. Doing so, I can get two or more easy kills. If not, you might have lost one your life.

As for control, the game has a relatively standard control scheme. You can customize all button layouts as you like. And there are actually a lot of buttons – roll, sprint, fire and reload in addition to using your items like grenades and health regenerator.

The game is controller-supported. I play it with a GameSir G4s, and this makes a whole lot of difference, convenience and thus excellent score. Playing without the gamepad can have severe disadvantage: you need to watch out for enemies' direction and your own fire shoot and become hurry-scurry.

Speaking of performance, the game is pretty stable. Lags are hardly to be seen. Framerates could however be improved, but the game still runs smooth on both iOS and Android devices – yes, the game is a cross-platform one between both Android and iOS, which I think is a commendable feat.

In a word, if you are into playing competitive shooting games with online real players, Dead Zone could be your wise choice. It is free, has a relatively small file size, is fun, features brilliant graphics and most importantly, has sound shooting mechanics. Just be cautious that this time killer could waste too much of you time unconsciously!


Source: droidgamers

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